Time-Based Media Art

The conservation and restoration of time-based media art should bring a creativity to the digital skills and competencies of youths, particularly in the field of conserving time-based media art. The overall intention is the development of the digital cultural field into a focused youth curriculum which will exploit digital tools to create and design art.  

Iceland has become ahead of the rest of the world in terms of per capita of population with access to the internet. During months of pandemic and economic slow-down it is crucial we maintain connectivity.  It is thanks to the internet that schools and businesses continued to function, in keeping institutions accessible from home. 

The use of time-based media, with video, slides, film, and audio, to teach youth in creating art digitally has likewise flourished in recent years. More and more, youth are using media online for all sorts of activities, most notably for leisure and communication. Memorably, Iceland has utilised art media extensively in recognising significant landmarks and commemorating important occasions. Specifically, Gravity Artis have become famous in the time-based media art world; a globally renowned organisation, Gravity Artis lent their talents to several downtown Reykjavík buildings. 

Art in Iceland is celebrated to a far greater extent than in many other countries, contributing to the rise in the Icelandic art scene and the country’s consistent trickle of new artists. With widespread collaboration between immigrants and Icelandic natives, new artists bring a great variety of unusual colours and techniques in grand spectacle to the local scene. This open collaboration helps attract new artists at an ever increasing rate. 

This for us is a prospect that will bring more aspirants to the country. They will offer the chance to teach and drive new talents. The arts is one of the appreciated identities in Iceland. As we see more and more, young artists delve further into new and greater potentials. 

We truly hope the art scene will usher the glut of talented Icelandic artists to international prominence, particularly in Europe and America.  We continue to look ahead with glee as Iceland is projected to become a beacon of the undiscovered in the centre of the (Western/Nordic/European) Arctic art scene.  

We are going to remain encouraging for youth, whereupon they should continue in using shared cultural knowledge to expand their digital creativity in developing time-based media art. We want to see more opportunities for young people to expand their abilities through the computer by creating time-based media Art. Similarly, this presents a great opportunity to grow their digital aptitude. The program will also create confidence and offer many opportunities. If we begin the project with collaboration, the possibilities are endless. I hope more young people start to show their talents in the Icelandic scene and uncover their bright futures. 

This project is funded by Erasmus+

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