The Rural Youth Parliament Project Newsletter no. 3

Highlights of our recent Learning, Training, and Transferring Knowledge (LTT) event in France:
From June 12th to June 17th, 2023, our project team gathered in Plœuc-L’Hermitage for a transformative experience.
Our heartfelt thanks to the Municipality of Plœuc-L’Hermitage and all partners for their invaluable support. Returning home, we bring with us fresh insights and connections to further our mission of empowering rural youth and fostering active citizenship.
Reflections and Gratitude:
– Our blend of learning activities has equipped participants to implement youth projects and policies effectively.
– Through theoretical presentations, debates, practical exercises, and interactive sessions, critical topics were explored.
– These included understanding the European context, refining communication strategies for young people, motivating youth involvement in community life, and establishing impactful Rural Youth Parliaments.

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