“Television and Child Culture” – youth exchange in Italy

television and child

Egle got back from youth exchange in Italy: 

 Reflecting on Youth Exchange “Television and Child Culture” fills me with warmth and gratitude. Six countries united – Lithuania, Italy, Romania, Turkey, Hungary, and Poland – for a journey through cultures and friendship.

Our project took place in Reggio Emilia where we spent most of our time learning and connecting with one another. On our travel days we also had an opportunity to delve into the wonders of few other cities such as Modena, Bologna, Milan, Rome and Genoa. 

Embracing the local lifestyle, we immersed ourselves in the rich Italian culture. Bonds grew stronger as we shared stories of our diverse backgrounds, indulged in traditional foods and dances. The topic itself, “Television and Child Culture,” not only led us down the memory lane to our cherished childhood shows and games but also prompted self-discovery. We shared stories of our past, reflecting on how those innocent moments shaped us into who we are today. It was a nostalgic journey that ignited the spark of curiosity within us all.

A special mention must go to the organizers and facilitators who made this experience possible. Their warmth and generosity extended beyond expectations, allowing us to foster connections with them as well. Through their insights and stories, we gained a deeper appreciation and understanding for the effort of organizing such project.

I am grateful for the friendships that blossomed, the cultures that came together, and the experiences that will always be etched in my heart. This youth exchange experience wasn’t just an adventure; it was a life-altering journey that enriched my soul. Here’s to the bonds that endure across borders, and to the promise of reunions in distant lands. Grazie mille, Erasmus

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