Take an action – training course in Poland

take an action
Take An Action is a project that promotes environmental responsibility and social inclusion through a holistic approach to sustainable development in youth work. The training aims to draw attention to ecological awareness and ecological education by discovering practical activities that directly contribute to the sustainable development of educational mobility. In order to achieve the goal of our project, we have set ourselves the following goals:
Raising the awareness of the youths on the importance of environmental issues and sustainable living.
Equipping people working with young people with innovative methods and tools for sustainable development, supporting them to respond to environmental and social issues in innovative ways and transfer them into the work environment.
Creating space to discuss the specifics of working with underprivileged groups and come up with innovative ideas that support effective working with these groups.
Providing spaces for people working with young people to design informal learning activities on specific topics, conduct them in a safe environment and gain feedback on their work.
Establishment of an international youth workers support network to share practical tips and methods for sustainable development in youth work. 
promotion of the Erasmus+ program.
The main focus of the project was a 7-day training for people working with young people. 17 people working with youth from 5 countries of the program: Italy, Poland, Northern Macedonia, Lithuania and Turkey participated in the project.
With this project, we gave an impetus to participants in topics related to waste management, ecological travel (more ecological means of transport), renewable energy and more sustainable activities. The project aims to provide people working with young people with specific competencies, skills and expertise to actively promote environmental issues in their towns.
The project also raised awareness not only among participants but also stakeholders, local, European and international communities, and set a real example of how sustainable development can be achieved.

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