Supporting and Enhancing Common Humanistic Values and Basic Sufficiency to Refugees on the way of Becoming Global Citizen

Duration: 01-09-2019 – 28-02-2022

Project number: 2019-1-TR01-KA204-073853

Due to the war which started in Syria in 2011, Turkey has been exposed to a dense refugee influx. Gaziantep, the border town with Syria, is the main city among others which are densely populated by refugees. Today there are about 500.000 Syrian refugees in Gaziantep. Their arrival has revealed various problems in social areas and infrastructure. Since these areas are planned with the existing population taken into consideration, a rapid increase in the number of people that share these communal areas has brought out many societal issues. For instance, the rate of consumption and the demand for water supply have increased in cities together with the population, however, this need cannot be met accordingly. There are many socio-cultural differences that refugees need to adapt to in a different country and society such as sewerage, parks, hospitals,

transportation. Various problems emerge from social adaptation due to the lack of sense of belonging, and unfamiliar experience of becoming a world citizen.

This presents a need for a methodological framework to appear in institutions and foundations which provide services, usage areas and supply resources to the refugees in the face of problems they experience. In this context, it is important to raise special awareness about the sustainable use of common services and resources that Turkey provides for both citizens of the country and Syrian refugees. Since this will be realised with the Union under the framework of common humanitarian values among people who share the geography, in the context of our project, we foresee to organise an adult training that is innovative, beneficial, sustainable and replicable. The project aims to reach 1500 people together with final beneficiaries of our project targeting people directly through trainings, campaigns and other project activities. Our target group is adult Syrian and other refugees in Gaziantep, and partner countries of Spain, Portugal and Lithuania. Our project will give a reference to one of the EU 2020 sustainability objectives and priorities and to sustainable growth with a focus on efficient use of resources and enabling refugees’ indirect contribution to the economy. In the scope of our project that gains international qualification, the joint studies will be conducted in Spain, Portugal, Lithuania, the partner countries experiencing similar problems as Turkey. Institutions and foundations working in relation to this topic will be visited and an analysis report will be prepared by collecting the problems these organisations experience through open-ended questionnaire content. In the direction of this analysis report, a training module will be prepared focused on “awareness and awakening” targeting to improve the sense of belonging in adult refugees to the society they live in, help them adapt to humanitarian morals and material resources, and most importantly to enable all these resources to become permanent, improvable, replicable and sustainable. As an approach, “Blended Learning” will help training practice to be maintained both face-to-face and through web together with the developing technology, “Interactive Learning”, “Webinar”, and “Informal Learning” approaches will be used.

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