Successful First Virtual Fit2Belong Workshop held between 23 and 26th of November 2020

From 23rd till 26th of November 2020 the Fit2Belong gathered virtually to present and discuss first of all the results of the research carried out by the University of Manchester and the University of Exeter with the help of all other partners. The preliminary research results can be viewed in this Spark Page. This presentation and discussion took the largest part of day 1 of the workshop.

During the three remaining days, the workshop split up in two or three separate groups, where these results were further discussed and where the participants, both adults (teachers, researchers, youth workers) and the adolescents could elaborate their own ideas for ways to overcome feelings of non-belonging. The more than 40 participants actively contributed to the discussion and produced a large number of proposals for activities, learning and teaching materials, apps and services that in their view could help young adolescents to overcome their feelings of loneliness. 

This workshop was the start of an ongoing process of virtual meetings and collaborations during which these ideas will be concretely elaborated and tested. You can follow the process and you can view the results on this web site. Ultimately we will publish the results (teaching and learning materials and an app/game) on this site too. If you want to be involved and if you like to be a tester of our products, please let us know and contact us here!  This project is funded by Erasmus+

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