Stress? No thanks training course

Tavo Europa will be involved in the the T.C `Stress? No, thanks. Youth workers
in balance, ready for youth challenges ́ that will take place in Marbella, Spain, from 16th to 23rd October. Our participants: Lina, Kotryna and Berta will represent Lithuania in
this project, coordinated by Gantalcalá (Spain), in cooperation with organizations from 11
different countries: Bulgaria, Cyprus, Estonia, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, and Slovakia. The project aims to improve youth participation, focusing on improving the mental health and skills of youth workers in various areas of Europe after the worsening caused by covid-19.
The course activities will be divided into 4 blocks:
Block 1 activities will be carried out mainly through non-formal learning methodologies, such as small group and general group work, moments of reflection, `Theory of Change ́ methodology, debates, graphic presentations, audio-visual presentations, digital graphic design, networking, exchange of good practices, theatrical performances and `Theatre of the Oppressed ́ technique.
The activities of Block 2 will be mainly carried out through techniques of self-knowledge and
personal and spiritual development, such as Mindfulness, yoga, the Amaranta Method and
Biodanza, in addition to the components of open air and connection with nature.

Block 3 activities will be developed through energizers, team-building, folkloric representations and, gastronomic tasting, cultural visits and contact with local agents. Finally, the activities of block 4 will be those destined to the evaluation and reflection on the learning obtained.
During the preparation and the follow up phases, several virtual meetings will be hold among
partners and participants. The measure expected to have the greatest positive transformation in the development of work in the youth sector will be the ` Stress? No, thanks SEAL ́, a digital Decalogue developed by the youth workers during the course, that will be spread among the European organizations. With this, the entities that wish to do so will commit to follow guidelines (attitudes, behaviours and skills development) to establish a stress-free and `mental health friendly ́ environment in their workspaces, showing the logo of this initiative in their web pages.
This project it is co-financed by the EU, under the Action KA153 of the Erasmus + Programme.

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