STONE project pilot event – training took place in Marijampolė. This long-term project is implemented in 6 partner countries, namely Greece, Cyprus, Romania, Ireland, Estonia, and Lithuania. The main problem under consideration within the framework of the project is NEET (not learning, not studying, not working under an employment contract or independently, not having other legal relationships equivalent to employment, not performing unpaid employment activities, not looking for a job) youth and the specialists working with them. This group of young people is a sensitive topic for all countries, and Lithuania is no exception. For this reason, it is very important to educate specialists working with NEETs, provide them with knowledge, and suitable tools, introduce them to the latest, innovative methods, and promote adaptive thinking.

15 professionals working with youth participated in the event, including youth workers, teachers of vocational schools, psychologists, and other specialists working with youth. During the event, 2 modules of the STONE project were piloted, within the framework of which the latest methods for working with NEET were reviewed. The participants had the opportunity to acquire new skills, competencies, and knowledge, and learn about the latest digital opportunities while working with this group of young people. We are happy to contribute to a brighter tomorrow for young people!

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