STONE pilot events in Marijampolė

At the end of January 2023, in Marijampolė, the pilot event of the badge evaluation system created within the framework of the STONE project was held, in which more than 30 youth workers, pedagogues and other specialists working with youth participated.
Educators and youth workers often face increasing demands to respond to rapid changes, to adapt new general competences in their curricula, to use new technologies, to be more efficient, to respond to the needs of learners, to learn from others, to be visible and competitive in the community. In this regard, the presented framework will serve to assess both the skills of the target groups (adult teachers and NEETs) and the competences related to their needs for new key competences.
The badge assessment system is designed based on competency levels in a simple, easy-to-use model/system that is suitable for self-evaluation of educational services, keeping in mind two main goals:
– serve as a tool for adult educators, NEETs who want to improve their skills related to the project topic;
– act as a “bridge” facilitating dialogue between various education and training service providers, not only at the local level, but also at the EU level.

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