SMART Democracy

SMART Democracy – The importance of democracy in the digital life


Duration: 31-12-2021 – 30-12-2022

Project Number: 2021-1-IT03-KA154-YOU-000007442

With the project SMART democracy, we are aiming to achieve the following objectives: – Increase and promote a renovate participation of the young people from rural and sub-urban areas; – To spread EU values and identities in different EU areas; – To develop together with young people and decision-makers spaces to raise awareness about what does it mean democratic participation for the youth;

In the project are going to be shared information on how to implement space of aggregation and participation among youth and decision-makers and are going to be implemented tools to promote active participation (not only voting) but how to be part of a process of discussion and development of social ideas made from youth together with local decision makers;

The project SMART Democracy has been developed to promote the democratic participation of young people from rural areas at a transnational level. How? Building and sharing among EU countries:

Good practices regarding active involvement in the democratic life;
Development of space of aggregation (Democratic Hub; Youth centre;) where young people could process and develop a democratic dialogue in a safe environment guided by decision-makers and youth workers;

Leading the young people to have the right tools to shape their rural communities and be a new resource for their own communities and at the EU level;

In order to develop this awareness in the young people we are going to develop:
An annual plan to engage municipalities and institutes to cooperate with us and the young people to create spaces of dialogue;
To involve young people in a youth exchange where they could engage amongst each other in an NF way how the EU communities and youth participate in the democratic dialogue and to share how the EU wants young people to become active citizens involved in democracy and society;
Development of local events (in each county) to invite the young people to put into practice what they have learned from each other sharing and shaping new ideas together; Also, the project is designed to help the young people not only to discuss democracy through physical activities but to keep on going an EU process of participation thanks to digital platforms. The SMART Democracy will provide them active participation and wider cooperation among EU countries in the social and democratic engagement of young people and citizens.

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