Teacher of social sciences

My name is Rūta. I am a passionate teacher of history, law and civics. I was teaching a media literacy subject five years ago, and I also participated in the creation of educational materials on the topic of media literacy. I create digital content for law, civics, and history classes.

During my lessons, I always use active modern learning methods. I like to organize lessons in a different way, for example, a history lesson as an interactive educational excursion. Together with my students, we participate in various national and international competitions.

I graduated from Vilnius University with a master’s degree in law and a bachelor’s degree in history. I worked at Vilnius University as a mentor for future teachers. I lectured on the application of modern methods and critical thinking in the classroom.

I build websites, create digital designs, educational games and videos for my lessons. I am currently interested in the possibilities of using artificial intelligence in the classroom.