Responsive Youth for Climate Action

Duration :  01/11/2023 – 01/11/2025
Project number: 101131295 — RYCA —ERASMUS-YOUTH-2023-YOUTH-TOG

RYCA aims at fostering youth networking, participation and action on the matter of Climate Change.
This contributing on one hand, to the general goal of the European Youth Together call to increase youths engagement in the European political debate and on the other, to the broader goals indicated in the European Green Deal to address the imminent danger represented by the global climate crisis.

The rationale of the project sees the two streams of general objectives as complementary and intersected with each other:
– Increasing the youth ability to participate in the social and political life, locally and transnationally, in Europe both as a way to reconcile its often disrupted relations with grassroots, informal political streams of action
– and as a way to bring the European Green New Deal to the more capillary level of local actions and debates, where often the Europeans institutions are felt at their farthest from the EU citizen.

Specific objectives:
– To raise awareness about climate change amongst the participants (direct beneficiaries) and indirect beneficiaries (youths, locals, organizations, etc. impacted indirectly by the project).

– To improve knowledge on the issue, fostering positive examples of sustainable living, exchanging experiences and mutual learning, raising the capacity of critical thinking about the information provided by (social) media.
– To strengthen the participant’s sense of response-ability improving the participants’ understanding of the impact of their lifestyle on the environment, through propositive and constructive lenses: by showing them how much their choices matter.
– To empower and activate the young participants to make their voice heard and their ideas developed on the territory by both the local community of civil society and the local institutions. Which will as well mean to increase the ability of the participants to have an impact on other young people’s lifestyles, becoming role models and sharing their knowledge and skills acquired through participation in the project.
– To empower and activate the youth participants (Eco-mmunity Activators) on a transnational and European decisional level.
– To foster and increase the democratic connection of the young participants and all the youths impacted by the project to the EU institutions.


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