QuarantineART project: decorations workshop in Marijampolė

On December 28, 2022, at the turn of the most beautiful holidays of the year, the implementation of one of the activities of the “QuarantineART” project took place in Marijampolė. The event was attended by girls and women who, for some reasons, have not yet found themselves in the professional or working fields, but want to realize themselves through artistic and creative activities, acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and competences, and immerse themselves in art therapy.

The ideas and goals of the project were influenced by one of the biggest challenges of the twenty-first century – the Covid-19 pandemic. She definitely had a negative impact on all of our lives. Some people’s lives have been extremely affected by such events as the loss of loved ones, loss of job, deterioration of psychological and physical health, weakening of social ties. Although art is one of the most effective ways for people to cope with negative psychological states, it remains undervalued by government institutions and people themselves.

Responding to the need, five partner countries – Slovakia, Cyprus, Italy, Poland and Lithuania – took the initiative. During the project, research was carried out and a creativity guide was developed (the full version of the guide is available on the website https://www.quarantinart.eu/) which, together with virtual lessons, inspiring artist posts, skill training sessions, creative workshops, now helps women with less skills expressing themselves in the fields of art, discovering themselves in professional activities, improves their psychological condition, helps not only to become more creative in everyday life, but also to express themselves in art, its communities and the world

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