QuarantineART: Painting workshop in Marijampolė

Art therapy is probably a concept that many have heard of, but not everyone understands well. It can strongly contribute to a person’s maturity and growth, provide assistance to the traumatized, disabled, withdrawn or less skilled persons. The creative process can help you express and understand your feelings and emotions. “QuarantineART” is an art therapy project that aims to provide knowledge and skills to girls and women who, for some reason, have not yet discovered themselves in the professional or working fields, but want to realize themselves through artistic and creative activities, to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and competences , immerse yourself in art therapy.

On January 10, 2023, in Marijampole, another activity of the “QuarantineART” project was implemented at the theoretical and practical levels, during which the participants had the opportunity to get acquainted with the wonderful world of painting, drawing, and various techniques. While creating paintings, portraits, landscapes, they used their imagination and fantasy, acquired skills needed for the job market, were encouraged to develop self-expression and creativity, self-confidence.

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