QuarantineART knitting workshop

“QuarantineART” is an art therapy project that aims to provide knowledge and skills to girls and women who, for some reason, have not yet found themselves in the professional or working fields, but want to realize themselves through artistic and creative activities, to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and competences. , immerse yourself in art therapy.
On February 7, girls and women gathered for the last activity of this project. Attended a theoretical course on sewing and crocheting, and practically tried crocheting with a rope, learned how to crochet a coaster, a handbag, a basket, and other handicrafts. In this way, he acquired practical skills necessary for preparing for the job market, shared ideas for creating a small business, and tested himself in another, new field of art therapy.
This project involved about 200 girls and women from Lithuania, who were given the opportunity to participate free of charge in 5 art therapy activities at both theoretical and practical levels.

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