An average person has about 60,000 thoughts a day and during self- isolation time, negative thoughts can be overpowering. When dealing with the pandemic, it‘s important to look out for the silver linings for our own sanity. QuarantinART will help women improve understanding of artistic environments and diversity concepts in order for those, who don‘t have the luxury to learn how to invest in art, to accept that a more creative life will increase inspiration, which even allows women to work professionally in a creative field.

The consortium consists of 5 partners from 5 EU countries (SK, CY, IT, PL, LT). Through a series of workshops and virtual lessons women will learn that engaging in passions is also a success element in life. 4 transnational meetings and 5 multiplier events will be organized to present the project results. Here‘s a list of the expected results (Intellectual outputs): IO1) Creativity Boost Guide; IO2) Play based, art filled at home education course; IO3) Digital storytelling empowerment tools. The objectives of this project include: • Maintain mental wellbeing • Increase the creativity levels • Enhance self-awareness and expression • Help women show off their talents to the world. The QuarantinART project is expected to have an overall impact on low qualified women‘s lives by involving them in arts. The project is funded by Erasmus+

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