Public Relations Internship

Do you consider yourself to have a social media gift for communication and comprehension? Are you able to approach things creatively and generate playful, engaging content? Do you wish to obtain public relations experience? Hurry up! Join us!
We are seeking a candidate who can choose effective methods to reach different audiences; communicate on social media; approach the selection of information sources creatively; provide suggestions for the company’s internal and external communication; forecast the material, financial, and human resources required for the public relations campaign; translate texts; carry out daily administrative tasks, prepare reports, select and analyze data, and implement daily administrative tasks.
You will have priority in participation in international partner meetings, youth exchanges and trainings throughout the internship. Our ideal candidate shall have:

⦁ Fluency in both Lithuanian and English languages;
⦁ Ability to work autonomously and take initiative when needed;
⦁ A creative approach to tasks and problem-solving skills;
⦁ Proficient in small administrative tasks and translations, paying attention to detail;
⦁ Excellent communication skills with confidence in expressing ideas effectively and articulately.
⦁ Ability to tailor communication style to different audiences and situations.
⦁ Skills of using technology for daily tasks;
⦁ Positive attitude and willingness to learn and grow.;


We welcome you to complete the internship at Tavo Europa. As the internship can be remote, it is possible to complete it regardless of your location or residence.
If you are a university student, we can provide you with a placement to complete your required internship in accordance with your university’s criteria (duration, hours per week, topics can be agreed).
Interested? Submit your resume and cover letter to and explain in English why YOU are the best candidate to join our team.

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