Polish- Lithuanian youth exchange created movies!


A crime is a crime

It seems to be the perfect crime. The victim was hidden in the bag, the criminal used gloves, disinfected his hands, and tried to cover all traces. However, karma never forgets. Especially when it comes to crimes against nature.

Artistic supervision: Piotr Dylewski

The films made during the workshops and the project were financed by the Polish-Lithuanian Youth Exchange Fund from a grant from the Ministry of National Education.

Workshop organiser:

FILMFORUM.PL Association

Workshop partner:

Tavo Europa (Lithuania)

The films were made during the 7th WAMA Film Festival in Olsztyn. The organiser of the WAMA Film Festival is the KOSMOPOLIS Institute, Foundation for Science, Culture and Education in Olsztyn. The producer of the festival is the FILMFORUM Association


And you can become a hero like Clint Eastwood! As the nameless grey citizen walks leisurely through the park, something suddenly catches his attention. Danger! Breaking the law!


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