Pathway to green jobs

Something very interesting happened in the middle of Latvia from September 11th to September 19th, 2023. The Erasmus+ project “Pathway to Green Jobs,” which was presented by YStreet, was more than just a chance to learn. It changed everything for us at ASOCIACIJA TAVO EUROPA. 
We’ve learned a lot about things like the EU Green Deal and what green jobs are really about by digging deep into them. Our team has been given the power to help guide young people toward a future where social justice and environmental protection go hand in hand. 
The project had a huge effect: not only did it improve our ability to do good work with young people, it also made us want to start implementing green policies in our own organization. The better skills of our youth workers are now a lighthouse that guides young people toward jobs that are good for the environment. Working with other groups has given us more confidence and made it easier for us to work with people in other countries. #GreenFuture #YouthEmpowerment

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