Out of Comfort Zone in Croatia

out of comfort

At the end of the summer, I realised that I wanted to get out of my comfort zone in Croatia, because the home-work-home routine was no longer a pleasure.

This was my first Erasmus+ project, but I really hope not the last. I still live with memories – new, different but very warm people that I got to know through cultural differences, living in a four-room room (it can be a lot of fun!). Summer warmth, project participants tasting our cold beetroot soup (šaltibarščiai) and asking to repeat – these are just a few moments I will not forget.

If you’re still thinking, maybe you don’t trust your English, maybe you’re afraid to go alone – don’t wait, fill in the application form! I’m sure you won’t regret it

Aneta, ,,Soften Your Skills’’ project

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