Open your eyes project in Poland

The “Open Your Eyes” Training Course held in Poland from June 6 to 13 aimed to fulfill this project’s objective by enhancing participants’ media literacy. We achieved this by deepening their understanding of both the positive and negative aspects of mass media, educating them about fake news and targeted media propaganda, and providing them with essential digital skills and information. This equipped them to identify, use, and disseminate information effectively, liberating them from the negative influence of misinformation.

The project successfully heightened participants’ awareness of the dissemination of disinformation and fake news through online platforms, often reinforcing stereotypes and discrimination against vulnerable groups. The impact on partner organizations was substantial, leading to increased motivation to pursue new, practical activities. Workshops and best practices acquired during the project positively influenced other youth workers, opening new opportunities for them to express their passion and professionalism.

At the international level, the anticipated impact involved expanding our network, offering collaborative possibilities that would contribute to our growth and experience. This growth extended beyond mobility, encompassing the knowledge and professionalism necessary for the social and professional integration of youth workers, aligning with the objectives of the Erasmus+ Programme.



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