Open to Change

Duration:  01-03-2020 – 28-02-2022 

Project number: 2019-3-RO01-KA205-077792 

Specific objectives are:

-Development of social participation and commitment among 16 youth workers from the partner countries which will review organisations youth participation programs and design and implement process changes through sharing practices, concepts and activities, resulting in more efficient and coherent educational programs in the field of youth participation.

– Development of knowledge and competencies among 36 disadvantaged youth from the partner countries which will create and implement 12 youth-led projects promoting participation and community involvement.

Target group:

-16 youth workers – 4 youth workers per partner country

•good knowledge of English, at least 1 year experience in youth work,

•operation in the organisations at volunteer or work basis,

•youth workers working with disadvantaged young people committed to carrying out further activities and projects in youth participation and are in a position to do so within their organisations;

-36 disadvantaged youngsters – 9 youngsters/partner country

•At least B1 level knowledge of English,

•low level of participation assessed through the application form,

•motivation to participate in the project,

•to be from vulnerable groups/disadvantaged areas (socio-economic obstacles, migrants, NEETs).

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