Open to Change

Erasmus+ „Open to Change“ project held a 4-day event in Italy. It aimed to build up the participant‘s competences and expertise in terms of creating an empowering environment for meaningful participation of young people – practises and educational techniques. Learning Outcomes of the seminar are:

• enhanced cooperation and exchange of good practises in HR topics between youth operators from the partner countries.

• examined existing approaches and mechanisms from the partner countries in the topics of active citizenship, democracy and participation

• reviewed organisations youth participation programs, designed and implemented process changes through sharing practises, concepts and activities, resulting in more efficient and coherent educational programs in the field of youth participation.

• built the participants’ knowledge, competences and skills to develop youth activities and programmes that strengthens meaningful participation of vulnerable young people in the life of the society.

During the joint staff event of „Open to Change ” project, a collection of practises, activities on HR topics – active citizenship, democracy and participation by youth workers and staff were analysed. The study content referred to:

• Introduction to participation – definitions and approaches in youth participation;

• Barriers to youth participation;

• Benefits to youth participation;

• Practises, forms and instruments of youth participation – examples.

The study will be developed in the form of surveys organised at local levels/regional/national with representatives from at least 30 organisations from the following profiles: school, municipality, NGO, school inspectorate, Youth/students councils (if they exist in the partner country) and surveys targeted to young people from the local community – at least 100 respondents. The study results will be promoted and disseminated in digital format online through partners networks and offline through the workshops organised by youth workers.

The project is funded by Erasmus+ programme.

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