North East Observations – exchange for true film lover

north east observations

The atmosphere of the filming location – cameras, lighting, sound – we could touch all this with our hands and try it out.

During the North East Observation project, we felt like participants of the festival, having the opportunity not only to create a short film on a socially important topic, but also to present it to other participants of the event. It is an unforgettable experience, contributing with your own hands to script development, directing, editing and other filming works.
The organizers of the project ensured that we would feel extremely creative and unrestrained, allowing us to create and experiment with professional film cameras, sound equipment, discuss which topic is worth presenting, expressing important topics for us.

It was really interesting to chat with colleagues from neighboring countries – Poles and Ukrainians. Hear their opinions and experiences not only on current events but also on a cinematic approach. The participants of the project immersed themselves in the activities and activities, tried to accumulate as much knowledge and experience as possible, to make contacts with professional filmmakers.

This project was part of the WAMA film festival, during which the participants gained real experience with film cameras, lighting, sound or video editing. To get to such a place is often just a dream, but this project gave young people the opportunity to expand their fields of creativity!
Even after the project ends, you want to go back there and do it all over again!

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