Youth Against Climate Change: Practical Workshops and Digital Learning Tools

Energy conservation is a critical factor in combating climate change and promoting sustainable living. By reducing energy consumption, we decrease greenhouse gas emissions, conserve natural resources, and contribute to environmental protection. Sustainable living involves responsible resource use, waste reduction, and eco-friendly choices in daily life.


The Erasmus+ project “Intensive Energy Saving Training” aims to enhance youth responsibility in ecology and energy conservation. Targeted at young people aged 18-30, the project aims to develop ecological competencies, promote international cooperation, and foster active citizenship. The project has developed an innovative platform offering various interactive educational materials, including educational videos, a digital ecological guide, interactive games, and an e-learning course on energy conservation. One of the platform’s key features is an AI assistant that helps find answers to questions about energy saving.


Four countries are involved in this project: Poland, Lithuania, Czech Republic, and Romania. Representing Lithuania, the association Tavo Europa encourages active youth participation in community life, international cooperation, and volunteerism. The organization implements various long-term projects and provides numerous opportunities for youth to develop competencies through local and international training initiatives. Together with international partners, Tavo Europa has been conducting educational projects for six years, focusing on youth education and promoting sustainable lifestyles, while actively engaging in international initiatives to foster a responsible and conscious youth community.

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