Masters of serious gaming event in Vilnius

“Masters of serious gaming” – a project that I’m sure you’ve already heard about!

The Lithuanian team not only actively participated in training activities, but also shared their knowledge with the students of Vilnius Antakalnis Gymnasium. During the lecture organized by the Lithuanian team, the students had the opportunity to learn about the goals, activities and progress of the “Masters of serious gaming” project. The Lithuanian team talked about their acquired competences and other advantages of the project. 

“I’ve been thinking about Erasmus projects for a long time, but I kept running out of courage. Now I’m really convinced that it’s worth it,” said Rasa from the 2F class.

After the presentation, the students played the “Election” game and chose the best “mayor”. This game simulated real mayoral elections, so students got to know the process of democratic elections in more detail and their importance. “Election” was a very useful educational game, especially now, when the mayoral elections of the city of Vilnius and other municipalities are not far away.

“I really enjoyed that game. Finally, I got at least a preliminary picture of how elections work and how important the voter’s role is in them,” said school president Lukas about the completed game.

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