Mastering the art of training: training for trainers in non-formal education project in Croatia

the art of training

Vidas shares his experience in a training course in Croatia called “Mastering the art of training: training for trainers in non-formal education”:

This summer my Lithuanian team and I had the chance to participate in an Erasmus+ project called “Mastering the art of training: training for trainers in non-formal education” in Samobor, Croatia. Over the span of 9 days, we were taken through the steps, methods, and practices of being a good trainer and facilitator.

The project itself was an intense 9-day training with the goal of providing participants with expert guidance to develop essential skills for facilitating non-formal educational activities. In short, we were taught how to be trainers for youth-related activities.

There were team building activities, role playing, discussions, and dialogues. This made the participants more involved in the presented topics and fostered the spirit of facilitation.

In addition to this, during our free time, some participants organized their own workshops. These included a drawing workshop, meditation and breathing exercises, a Turkish alphabet lesson, and a creative writing lesson.

Finally, at the end of the training, every participant had a chance to organize their own training session, putting the skills we learned during these 9 days to use. That’s when the participants really showed what they were capable of, with the topics of these sessions spanning from disabilities to the power of choice.

During the training, someone said a phrase that perfectly summarizes this experience – “It’s like a lifetime within a lifetime”. During these 9 days, I learned tons of new skills useful for youth trainings. I also met and connected with beautiful people from all over Europe. But, most importantly, this training gave me the confidence I needed to shift my career in the way of youth training.

As we see – the training course was full of fulfilling experiences, friendships, and confidence boosts, so be sure to check out the full review down bellow.

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