Manisahaberleri, the online newspaper of Manisa reports on the Loneliness film from MSBL

On 21 June 2021 Manisahaberleri, the online newspaper of Manisa, reported on about the “Loneliness” film. Manisa Social Sciences High School students prepared a short film with the theme of “loneliness” during the time they were separated from each other due to the pandemic. The film evokes poetically the idea that loneliness will end with a friend reaching out with love and care. It was created by editing together scenes shot by the students under pandemic conditions. The students, who were away from their schools and from each other for months, expressed that they enjoyed and gained strength from the cooperation in their film work. Manisa Social Sciences High School, which has adopted the principle of providing a supportive and embracing school environment to its students, has attracted attention with similar studies aimed at the social and psychological needs of students in previous years. Read the article online (in Turkish) This project is funded by Erasmus+

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