Researchers Manuela Barreto (University of Exeter) and Pamela Qualter (University of Manchester) were interviewed recently on the effect of the lockdown during the Covid-19 Crisis and similar related issues, listen to their expert contributions on BBC and on Facebook:

Professor Pamela Qualter with her colleague from the University of Manchester in the UK Dr Margarita Panayiotou, explain how they are studying loneliness and mental health during the pandemic. Listen here (from 10:30 onwards) 

Professor Manuela Barreto, Professor of Psychology at Exeter University, explains what research tells us about how isolation and loneliness affects us. Listen here

Professor Manuela Barreto from the University of Exeter talks about how social distancing measures can impact our mental well-being, and how we can help to fight loneliness in this situation. Watch the interview here.

Doug Drinkwater, journalist and editor of Sylo Magazine speaks to three experts leading the charge with loneliness. Amy Perrin, CEO of UK loneliness charity Marmalade Trust, Louise Goulden, founder of intergenerational social enterprise The Together Project and Manuela Barreto,  Head of Psychology, Professor of Social and Organisational Psychology, University of Exeter discuss in this podcast what is mean by loneliness? How is it different across different sexes and generations? How do we address functional and chronic loneliness? And moreā€¦ listen here.

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