Local Youth Participation

Local Youth Participation

Youth participation in Europe is a subject that associations are trying to address, but we often encounter problems related to lack of information, lack of motivation and lack of opportunities for young people.

With this project, we intend, through different study visits, to discover the different ways young people get involved in each of the participating countries. The objective is that they can exchange ideas, meet people from other countries and share new practices.

In addition, the associations and places that we will visit during these mobilities will facilitate the visibility of local actions, the work of young volunteers and will give the city the opportunity to broaden its participation in European projects.

The roots of the project: How was it born?

This partnership was born from a PBA which took place in Finland in 2022, and since then we have come together to be able to create this project according to our common objectives that can promote the participation of our young people.

Our main objectives

  • Foster cross-cultural learning and exchanges between young people from France, Lithuania and Spain and their peers from other European countries, including local communities, by promoting mutual understanding and respect for different perspectives and experiences.
  • Encourage the European participation of young people who still lack information about the Erasmus+ program. 
  • Carry out study visits, one in each country of the consortium, where 6 young people, from each of the partners, will be able to travel, discover new cultures and enrich themselves with the European values ​​that we will promote during the project. In addition to these visits, we will provide young people with all the information and support they need to realize their ideas.

The partners

What is the progress of the project?

The project is about to start! Stay tuned !

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