Duration : 01-11-2022 – 28-02-2025

Project number: 2022-1-SE02-KA220-YOU-000087230

The LetsTALK project aims to address the impact of Mental Health Disorders (MHD) on young people (YP) aged 16-25, promoting their social and economic inclusion in the community. MHD, such as depression and anxiety, can lead to isolation, stigma, and limited opportunities for YP. The project seeks to develop a comprehensive Mental Health Promotion, Prevention, and Intervention Programme to increase YP’s awareness of MHD and equip them with essential coping skills and healthy relationship-building abilities.

The project focuses on three specific priorities of the Erasmus+ program: inclusion in all fields of education, training, youth, and sport; increasing quality, innovation, and recognition of youth work; and addressing digital transformation.

To achieve its objectives, the project will develop an upskilling toolkit and an augmented reality (AR) game app for youth workers (YW) to effectively reach out to YP with MHD, provide support, and promote life skills for coping with everyday challenges. The AR game app will use multimedia and augmented reality to engage YP in mental health promotion in an interactive and innovative way, enhancing their digital skills and motivation to learn.

The project acknowledges the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on YP’s mental health, and it will address the stigma surrounding MHD. It will provide YP with a safe space for conversation through “Conversation Cafes,” engaging them in group activities, role plays, and forums to share experiences and seek support. The project will also target early identification and intervention for MHD, considering the critical period of adolescence when YP face significant educational decisions and interpersonal relationships.

By empowering YP with information on MHD and intervention techniques, the project aims to reduce social stigma, encourage open dialogue, and promote positive mental health and well-being. The innovative use of AR technology will make the learning content more attractive to YP, while the upskilling toolkit will enhance the professional profiles of YWs, positioning them as social innovators in mental health promotion.

Through LetsTALK, the project consortium will contribute to the EU Youth Strategy’s priorities of mental wellbeing and ending stigmatization of MHD, working towards achieving social inclusion for all young people. By improving YP’s mental health literacy and providing them with life skills, the project seeks to empower YP to face life’s challenges and maintain their mental wellbeing.

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