“Let’s play in nature” youth exchange in Italy

Youth exchange “Let’s Play in Nature!” held in picturesque Valsinni, Italy. This 11-day adventure united us with peers from Turkey, Poland, Lithuania, Italy, and Spain, fostering a tapestry of shared experiences within the enchanting Parco dei Criusciuni.

This experience was nothing short of unforgettable, gifting us enduring friendships and personal growth nurtured through immersion in diverse cultures and extended cohabitation. It’s my genuine belief that this exchange is highly recommendable for adventurous young souls eager to break out of their comfort zones. The steadfast support from both our home and host country’s organizers is a driving force, leaving you yearning for more. It has broadened my horizons and ushered in new friendships.

The special environment within this spectacular region and the camaraderie with diverse companions have been pivotal in my personal growth. This experience leaves you feeling like a more substantial person, capable of imbibing a week’s worth of knowledge and experience that might typically take months. I would undoubtedly embark on this journey again. The thematic focus on nature was encapsulated through outdoor activities, meditation, mindfulness, and much more. Exploring neighboring towns such as Matera, Valsinni, Taranto, Policoro, and Castelsaraceno, and participating in joint activities, further facilitated cooperation, essential communication, and companionship among us and fellow students.

Our lodging at Parco Dei Crisciuni immersed us in nature’s embrace, residing in shared bungalows and tents, and embracing a communal spirit. While some of us had a more rustic experience in tents with access to outdoor facilities, the environment was harmonious and welcoming. The shared living space was thoughtfully organized, fostering camaraderie and a comfortable atmosphere.

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