Let Us Think Green – Empowering Youth Organizations for Green Europe

Duration : 01-01-2023 – 01-01-2025
Project number: ERASMUS-YOUTH-2022-YOUTH-TOG-101086205

The “Let us Think Green” project aims to raise awareness and consciousness about maintaining a clean, green, and sustainable environment, including clean water sources, clean atmosphere, and preserving the blue sea. The project involves six non-governmental organizations (NGOs) from five countries collaborating to promote sustainable practices and environmental protection.

Planned activities include online and face-to-face environmental training for project teams, awareness events, a green conference and exhibition, exchange of good practices and projects related to the environment, local and transnational project partnerships on the environment, and the development of a sustainable cooperation model.

The project targets direct beneficiaries, including 16 youth workers, 13 experts and external evaluators, 36 young people, and 35 young volunteers, totaling 100 people. Additionally, there are 140 indirect beneficiaries, including local partners and volunteers.

Expected results of the project include the establishment of a local and transnational cooperation model for a sustainable environment, increased awareness about clean and green environments in the regions and project countries, and improved knowledge and skills of project participants regarding environmental preservation.

The project aims to produce various outputs, including an electronic booklet of project studies on sustainable green and clean environments, presentations used in trainings and meetings, desk research reports, photos, videos, a project website, and a sustainable cooperation model for the future.

The project aligns with the priorities of the Erasmus+ program for 2022, focusing on the environment and fighting against climate change, participation in democratic life, and digital transformation.

Through training, awareness events, and dissemination activities using digital technologies and social media, the project seeks to actively involve youth and NGOs in democratic life and cooperate with local and national policymakers. The project will contribute to building knowledge, skills, and attitudes on green and clean environments in the EU and neighboring countries.

The project will facilitate collaboration with environmental units of municipalities, forestry operations directorates, high schools, and universities in Mu─čla and Antalya, Turkey, where the project will be implemented.

The project will also involve a Green Conference and Green Exhibition, bringing together representatives from partner organizations and stakeholders to discuss work-packages, exchange ideas, and showcase project products.

After the project, the partners plan to continue their collaboration and maintain the project webpage for at least two years to further promote sustainable green and clean environments.

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