Leave phones let’s sports! Turkey

leave phones let's sports

This project was different for me because it was the first time that it was related to physical aspects of us.

We discussed the intricacies of addiction but also did various forms of sports, which was my favorite part. We went to an adventure park for the whole afternoon. We visited a sportscenter where we could try archery, table tennis, darts, cycling, pool, and other activities.

We also went on a boat trip which gave us a chance to swim and dive in the beautiful river near Halfeti.

We had to also organize some activities with our country teams and that gave us a chance to express ourselves and bond with each other in various forms.

We did small videos about sports, we debated and had roleplays.

Overall, the project was pretty nice and the outdoor activities were very fun.

The friends that I made and how close we all got in such a short time made everything that much better, despite some inconveniences we experienced. I will miss the late night talks and all the baklava that we ate!


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