Language learning to support active social inclusion – training course in Biały Dunajec, Poland

social inclusion

Training courses are always a good way to learn something new and exciting, share experiences with others and get to know people from other countries. 

This time, we share small moments from a training course in Murzasichle, Poland. The main goals of this project were to introduce participants with an innovative methodology based on drama and improvisation for learning the language of adults, also to reflect on the importance of non-verbal communication skills in the communication process. Another goal which was important was making participants aware of the importance of non-verbal communication skills of participants (body language, intonation, articulation, etc.) in an intercultural environment and learn how to develop them among students. In the frame of the training course, participants were introduced to the basic principles of drama and improvisation and discussing the educational potential of such methodology in adult education and training, also develop competences of participants in the use of drama methodology in language learning

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