Language learning for active social inclusion: cultural exchange – a way to become fluent in another language

To learn something you have to come out of your shell and conquer the fear of being judged by others. The same applies when somebody is trying to learn a language. Although it is challenging and honest persistence requiring job, it is worth it – to know a language means to know the culture, to know new people and be able to express yourself, to be a part of some community.

For an eager learner of any age, a cultural or language exchange in a foreign country is a big adventure. Staying abroad, however, offers much more than the opportunity to learn a language. It’s an experience! You get to know the culture, people first hand. And in many case studies, language learning by staying in another country is one of the quickest ways to break the ice on language learning. Of course, it is easier to try expressing yourself, when you want to be understood by others and you want to explain yourself in more intricate ways than just saying out loud your needs. You want to provide meaningful opinions, advice, and connect with future friends. You can expect the benefits to continue when you return home and in the years that follow.

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