Humanity As Priority

The project took place between August 23-29, at Marabu Camp, Milcoveni village, CaraČ™-Severin county.

42 young people aged 16-24 from Romania, Italy, Germany, Greece, Lithuania and Turkey participated in this project.

The objectives of the “HUMANITY AS PRIORITY” project were:

– participants’ knowledge of the current migration crisis in Europe and the fundamental principles of human rights

– Empowering participants to recognize and fight hate speech, discrimination against migrants, refugees, asylum seekers

– Promoting human rights and inclusion

– Increasing the self-esteem of young people from severely disadvantaged backgrounds using various art forms, an expression of dialogue such as theatre, drama, flash mobs.

During the project, the participants had different activities, workshops and visits, got to know each other better and understood more about the locals and area. All these activities have led to a better understanding and acceptance by the young participants of their peers regardless of their nationality, religion, social and economic background. They also learned what human rights mean, what equality and inclusion are and how they can help them to respect these rights and to accept disadvantaged people by society.

The project was funded by Erasmus+ programme.

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