How to enhance creativity through youth exchange in Germany?


Power of Creativity took place during the 30th of September – 09th of October 2020 in Osterholz-Scharmbeck, Germany. The theme of the project was the growth of radicalisation and extremism in Europe, and its main goal was to raise awareness about these issues through creativity.

This was the second project I participated in but I have nothing to compare it with as in these uncertain times it was an unusual experience. I joined in at the very last minute but I am pleased I did since it turned out to be one of the most enjoyable adventures.

Before our departure, I was worried about travelling to the project by car and whether we would get along among the Lithuanian team members, but even before we reached the Polish border all my worries had vanished as we were all making jokes along the way. The whole trip to the project headquarters did not seem too long with a good company.

Our arrival at the accommodation was quite late in the evening but we managed to enjoy our first dinner with most of the participants from Greece, Germany, Italy and Spain. We spent the next few days getting to know each other better and sharing our experiences with radicalism in each of the participating countries. I loved our daily programme as it was a good balance of daily activities and time for leisure. Since our accommodation was located in a beautiful area surrounded by forests and fields, I have spent a great deal of free time outside taking long walks and exploring the area with other participants. During the project, we focused a lot on boosting creativity and imagination. These workshops helped us explore and share our talents, and find inspiration not only in our surroundings but also in each other. The facilitators and participants created a positive environment where it was easy to look into new ways of being creative. The last days we spent working on our creative projects about issues of radicalism which concluded what we learnt during the exchange. On the final exhibition, we were able to share our creations and appreciate what others created with limited resources and amount of time. It was a humbling experience to witness the significance of openness and creativity our small community has achieved in such a short period.

The social environment of the project was welcoming and friendly. Even though I did not have enough opportunities to get to know all of the participants more profoundly, I had plenty of bonding moments. There were many conversations about radicalism, power of creativity and common life questions that had a significant influence on my outlook of the world. I believe that people can only improve by sharing their experiences and learning from each other so this exchange was a further boost to implement this notion in my daily life.

I am thankful to the organisers for the opportunity to meet so many amazing people and discuss the topics that are important for European youth.

Aistė, Power of Creativity, Germany

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