Hopasus e-community platform

One of the aims of the Hopasus project is to bring coaches and sports teachers together to exchange experiences, tips and ideas on how to make the most of video games to encourage children to take part in sport. To this end, an e-community platform – the Hopasus sport video games in education forum – has been created. On this platform you will find a lot of useful information:

Articles on the potential benefits of video games for children’s physical health, developing good habits both at home and at school.

Recommendations or parents, teachers, coaches, youth practitioners and other Hopasus users on which video games to choose and how to communicate with children to achieve a positive result in sport.

5 video tutorials on how and which video games can be used in physical health education for children.

Hopasus guide for sport teachers in integrating video gaming in their sport activities with youth that presents methods used in online sports education, same as the use of video gaming as a tool for sports activities of youth in Bulgaria, Lithuania, Romania, and Serbia.


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