GREENact event in Kazlų Rūda

On November 10, 2022, the youth of Kazlų Rūda tested whether taking care of nature and sustainability is a part of life during the presentation of the GreenACT project. It is clear that the effects of climate change are among the greatest environmental challenges the world has ever faced.

GreenACT is a 20-month project to raise environmental education and awareness among young people through activities to introduce young people to the idea of environmental citizenship, based on the premise that the future depends on each one of us acting responsibly. Also, to positively evaluate your environment, to create sustainable solutions to solve environmental challenges. The GreenACT project aims to support young people in 6 countries and inspire them to develop a strong ecological mindset and make a positive impact in their communities through various active activities.

GreenACT developed a 6-module training course, of which 3 module-based activities were piloted by youth. The topics were related to living in conservation, sustainable communities and eco-cities, human impact on natural systems and so on.

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