The GreenACT project will be gradually built-up following activities that will ensure that the most suitable elements will be introduced in its effort to equip YP with specific competencies and skills to act responsibly and positively towards environment for tackling climate change. Overall, the project’s implementation has been clearly scheduled in 2 phases and has been structured in such a way to ensure the evolution of the project and the complementary nature of the activities.

• PHASE 1: M1 – M10 Management: Kick-off meeting in M1 in RO, during which the management plan, the activities, the deliverables, the communication channels, the quality assurance strategy, the dissemination plan, etc. will be discussed. 2nd TPM is foreseen in MA whereas the 1st and 2nd period of reporting will be completed which will include update of all plans: dissemination (update of website and social media, 2 press releases and 2 newsletters to be prepared etc.), quality (update of quality monitoring of IOs, communication and cooperation, meetings etc.) and financial (timesheets, spending etc.)

• PHASE 2: M11-M20 Management: The final meeting will be organized B2B with the organization of the E1 in PT and the C2 Blended Mobility with the participation of 5 YP from each partner country in M19; Other activities: C1 Train the Trainer Activity for Youth Workers will be organized in Slovenia (M15).

The project is funded by Erasmus+.

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