Green Approach – youth exchange in Bulgaria

We are happy to share with you the “Green Approach” Youth Exchange program on social and green entrepreneurship  that was hosted by Association WalkTogether in Bansko Bulgaria, between 16-23 of June 2023. This 8- day program was designed to provide practical steps and approaches towards the creation of green and sustainable social startups to 40 young people from Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece and Romania!
Young person with an interest in entrepreneurship and sustainability were invited to this exciting program to learn about the principles and practices of social and green entrepreneurship, gain practical skills for developing and launching sustainable social startups, and develop a positive attitude towards the creation of green and sustainable social startups. 
They had the opportunity to participate in a range of activities, including workshops, group discussions, site visits, and hands-on activities. And also had the opportunity to interact and network with other like-minded young people from different countries, cultures, and backgrounds.
By the end of the program they have gained knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to develop and launch green and sustainable social startups and also gained confidence and motivation to pursue sustainable entrepreneurship as a career path.

Funded by the European Union and the NATIONAL AGENCY OF BULGARIA- Human resource development center.

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