Give your School a New Tool kick-off meeting

From 06-07-2021 to 09-07-2021 the first meeting of the “GYSNT” project was held recently in Poland. The project aims to help teachers of the youngest students to make their distance education and mixed education as effective as possible, involve additional parent support to a low extent and assure that the transition from stationary to remote mode does not result in a change in the quality of education. As a part of the project, a program training in the field of the Flipped Classroom method and ICT tools will be created.

During the kick-off meeting, it was established that 45 teachers will apply the Flipped Classroom method – they will record their own learning materials for their students and post them on the platform. Each teacher on the platform will post videos that they have prepared and recorded, containing substantive content. All teachers will have access to materials posted by other teachers, they will be divided according to the educational area they cover. Students will watch videos, then, during meetings (individual online or in class), they will discuss the learned content, explain incomprehensible issues or develop them. Training scenario in the use of ICT in teaching children aged 6-10 will be developed, available in Polish, Lithuanian and Bulgarian.


– at least 1000 people will learn the Flipped Classroom method.

– at least 500 students will acquire competence to plan their work – students will plan when they will deal with a specific topic, when they will watch content and arrange meetings with teachers.

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