Duration : 01-04-2022 – 01-04-2024
Project number: ERASMUS-YOUTH-2021-YOUTH-TOG – Project 101051320 — GPC

The project addresses the issue of a growing lack of confidence and understanding of the European Union (EU) among young people. It aims to empower young individuals, especially those from less-structured schools and associations, to participate in EU programs and increase their knowledge of the EU, its decision-making processes, and its programs. The project is aligned with the general strategic priorities of the EU Program for 2021 and the EU Youth Strategy 2019-2027.

GSI Italia, along with other partner organizations, seeks to promote active citizenship and democratic society, where young people play a key role in shaping their future and that of Europe. They focus on different target groups, particularly youth in schools and associations. The project aims to tap into the rich creativity of young people while helping them transform their ideas into well-defined activities and project proposals.

To achieve its objectives, the project conducted an initial evaluation involving young participants from different countries. Based on this evaluation, the project proposes an initiative directed at schools and small, less-structured youth associations. It aims to enhance their capacity to participate in EU programs, while also fostering a deeper understanding of the EU and its decision-making processes. The project seeks to encourage young people to take a proactive role in promoting positive change.

Specific objectives of the project include:

Involving and mobilizing young students, particularly from rural and mountainous areas, and small, less-structured youth associations with limited project management skills and access to EU programs.

Facilitating connections between young people and associations from different countries to co-design programs within EU youth initiatives.

Developing specific competencies among teachers and operators from proposing associations to facilitate youth project activities and improve access to EU funding.

Increasing the number of project proposals and access to EU platforms, benefiting young students and small youth associations in the targeted territories.

The project proposes various indicators to measure the achievement of its objectives, including the number of participating schools and associations, the number of joint project proposals, and feedback from participants on the effectiveness and accessibility of the training activities.

By fostering cooperation, facilitating access to EU programs, and empowering young people to actively engage in building an inclusive and resilient European society, the project aims to contribute to a more democratic and participatory Europe.

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