GIFTLED: A ‘’Learn by Design” – Digital Toolkit to Include Gifted Individuals in STEAM Education

Duration : 31-12-2022 – 30-12-2024
Project number: 2022-1-PL01-KA220-SCH-000087644

GIFTLED project aims to develop a digital and augmented reality toolkit that will be used within the “design by learning” educational method for facilitating the educational needs and talent development of gifted/talented individuals in STEAM courses.

Within this general objective, the specific objectives and corresponding results are as the following;

        · OB1: Increasing the quality of educational practices of schools/institutions that have gifted/talented individuals through supporting and training teachers/trainers of gifted/talented on applying new methods in STEAM education, leading to meeting specific educational needs and talent development of gifted/talented students. This objective will also met through developing an open digital platform where teachers of gifted/talented individuals and gifted/talented individuals can get access to educational method, learning activities and digital and augmented reality application toolkit; ·

           OB2: Enhancing pedagogical and professional competencies of teachers/trainers of gifted/talented individuals and enriching their educational offer by developing by innovative toolkit and set of materials – digital handbook, Augmented Reality Case Brochure, Toolkit Introduction Videos, and Curriculum;         

           · OB3: Addressing the educational and talent development needs/priorities of gifted/talented individuals through training them according GIFTLED methodology where they can use the digital and augmented reality design tools for their learning and design of innovative learning products in wide range; 

          · OB4: Enabling transformation and change in terms of gifted/talented education, STEAM, and digitalisation of education through project activities where teachers/trainers exchanged their experiences with professionalists from other organizations and countries and where gifted/talented students exchanged their experiences with teachers and adults with id from other organizations and countries; The objectives mentioned above include the general aims of enhancing the learning disadvantages of a certain group of individuals by supporting their trainers/teachers, the institutions/schools they attend, and themselves with a specific educational method, learning materials, and an open digital platform. 

In this respect, the objective of this project is to develop the pedagogical/professional competencies of teachers/trainers of gifted/talented individuals to include gifted/talented students in STEAM education. Specifically, the current project aims to develop a certain educational method to include gifted/talented students in STEAM activities through the deployment of digital and augmented reality applications. In this respect, this project aims to fulfil the STEAM approach and digitalize education. Therefore, the objectives and results focus on the inclusion and diversity of STEAM education practices through supporting teachers/trainers in the schools.atives.

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