“Fit to belong” project second result

The Fit to Belong Project was initiated in 2019 following publication in the UK of the results of a large-scale survey – the BBC Loneliness Experiment – that explored the role of belongingness in different cultures. In the publication, it was made clear that a lack of belonging was a common, and often confusing, experience for adolescents. The first outcome of the Fit to Belong Project is a researched and validated pedagogical framework that defines and describes the issue and offers methods and strategies to teachers, youth workers and counsellors to overcome the issues.

The second output is the resource that you are looking at now: this resource is based on that framework and co-created by the teachers, youth workers, and counsellors involved in the project together with the adolescents in their organisations. This resource consists of concrete teaching, learning, and guidance materials that have been tested and evaluated in real life situations in schools and organisations. Using the pedagogical framework, and under the guidance of the research team, the teachers, pupils, and youth workers have co-developed the materials and activities that you find here. It is a modular handbook with a menu of activities organized by themes linked directly to the pedagogical framework. These activities have all been piloted with young people to evaluate their effectiveness.

We encourage you to take a look at the Guide down below, you can read it in English or in Lithuanian!

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