Fit 2 Belong presented at the Manisa Mental Hospital

Fit to Belong team members from Manisa Social Sciences High School (MSBL) were received by the head doctor of the Manisa Mental Hospital. After reading the newspaper article about the loneliness movie “It will not stay dark” that was produced by MSBL, the head doctor of the Manisa Mental Hospital, Dr Cengiz Cengisiz, invited the F2B team members to discuss the possibilities of collaboration. They decided to form a discussion club in MSBL where students will share their opinions about existential problems. The discussions will be constructed under the guidance of the adolescent psychiatrists working for the mental hospital. Eventually, MSBL students will produce another film based on the outcomes from the discussions. When the film is shown to adolescents staying in the mental hospital, it is expected that the patients will benefit from the experiences of their peers and explore different attitudes to life.

This project is funded by Erasmus+

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