“Financial education” – youth exchange in Denmark

financial education

I am happy with the project program, I really liked that the organizer took care of every part of the program, tried to help everyone develop business ideas, giving new ideas, suggestions, giving new insights and advice. Alexandra was very kind and warm, you could always feel free to ask questions. We had a discussion night where we explained and discussed financial literacy. Everyone was deeply immersed in the conversation, we shared our experiences and mistakes. Also, we played games related to finances, how to sell or exchange desired goods better and more efficiently. Every day we had different topics, we learned how to plan a budget for the idea we created, we recognized our strengths and weaknesses, we analyzed the clients we would attract. The week passed very quickly, it was fun, we lived in a very beautiful place, surrounded by nature and the sea. The images looked like from a fairy tale. I met new and very interesting people! I improved my knowledge of the English language, I feel more confident when talking about finances, I gained motivation and confidence, and the courage to act! Many thanks to the organizers!

Also, we had a bit of an adventure with the arrival, the flight was canceled, we stayed the night in Copenhagen, and when we arrived in Aalborg in the morning, it was really difficult to find the right bus to get to the right place. They traveled quite rarely, and when they arrived in town they had to find a taxi or other means of transport to take them to the cottage, because there was still quite a long way to go. We had to ask strangers from the supermarket to help us somehow get to the right place! And it helped us, since there were 5 of us, a very nice woman and her husband even took us on two flights, because there was no way we could fit all of us at the same time, and we thanked them with a Lithuanian feast. It was really nice to get to know each other, to hear the stories of the locals and their stories while driving, and my heart rejoiced with happiness that there are such good people! But all these adventures did not disappoint, they just strengthened my determination, self-confidence, communication, alert thinking, the ability to work out different situations, and for that I am very grateful that I gained new experience! 
Kai taught us about awareness, critical thinking, and at the end of the project, the organizer himself started like this and angrily spilled out.

I am not disappointed with the project, I really liked it, and most importantly, it was useful! Thank you for hosting, I had a very good experience and great moments!

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