Final events of the “QuarantineART” project

In April 2023, two final events of the “QuarantineART” project took place in Marijampole. During them, the project results and activities were presented.

The QuarantineART project was intended for women and girls who, for some reason, have not yet discovered themselves in the professional or working fields, but wanted to realize themselves through artistic and creative activities, to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and competences.

The ideas and goals of the “QuarantineART” project were influenced by one of the biggest challenges of the twenty-first century – the Covid-19 pandemic. It has undoubtedly had a negative impact on all of our lives, leaving many negative consequences. Therefore, in order to amortize negative thoughts and deteriorating psychological health, an effective tool is used – art.

The activities of this project were highly appreciated by the participants. Women and girls were extremely happy that they had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of creativity, to forget about everyday life, to touch nature, to touch the world of natural materials – to create from clay, using their imagination. In the future, they would be happy to participate in such or similar artistic activities again.

Professionals in their fields were used to implement the creative workshop: ceramicist, jewelry maker, rope crochet expert, painter, florists. They helped women and girls with less skills express themselves in the field of art, discover themselves in professional activities, improved their psychological condition, helped them not only to become more creative, but also to understand their place in the path of art. Most of the participants were inspired and motivated to improve, and dream of connecting their professional and work activities with art in the future.

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