Exploring Berlin Through Youth Exchange

exploring berlin

Participating in this project in Berlin was a lot more fun than I was expecting. It was my first youth project so everything was new and sometimes overwhelming, but my teammates always made sure to be patient and explain anything that was unclear. The trip was smooth and without any problems even with all the Covid fuss going around. The project itself was diverse: we did getting to know exercises, energizers, we had art workshops in which we expressed our feelings about human rights that were important to us. We went to the city centre for a fancy dinner & a boat trip, we had debates and heated discussions about pretty sensitive topics which is a good thing – it brought us closer together, especially during the evenings and night life. Intercultural night was exceptional with all the dances that we have learned, food & fun that we’ve had. Everyone in the project felt like one big family and it was so difficult to say goodbye: it seemed like we didn’t have enough time and were only getting to know each other by the end of the project. I am already missing the people and the city. Thank you!

Alsu, “Mingle and Exploring Human Rights in Europe!”

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